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Caiso is a senior brand in the wholesale socks industry, it was founded in the early 20th century. started by passion in this industry of socks, the founder produced the first series of school socks and men socks and has been expanding and manufacturing to most wanted kind of socks now. 



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Our Products 

Caiso provides you variety of basic designed self-produced socks which are comfortable to wear, stretchy and the colour doesn't fade. also, it would fit your feet perfectly in size and wouldn't bother you from doing your daily activities. the designs, the quality of yarns, the size are well made, considered and worthed. Click our galleries to see our products.

Our Services: 

  • Providing you with our designed socks (in bulk and wholesale)
  • modified or
  • Made by Request products (with or without label)

How to Order: 

  • Send us your details (Your Name and Shop's Name/ Phone/ Your Order be specific/ Complete Address)
  • and Let us know who you are (to be archived)
  •  Further Info ? Contact us

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Made by Request Products 

Made by request Products, usually for business to business.. 

it is considered as made by request when you want Caiso to have any particular styles or length that Caiso doesn't produce
it is also consideres as made by request when you request your very own desired designed socks, desired colours and desired special yarns, and also desired size.

ps. minimal order required in this system and price may be vary.

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